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Smackdown Review 8/30/13

Smackdown Review 8/30/13
Joshua Smothers

Every week I will be doing reviews for Raw, Smackdown and the PPV’s. This is the first Smackdown review!

Smackdown has a bad reputation. It is regarded as the “B” show while Raw is known as the ”A” show. For the most part, the reputation holds true. I hardly ever watch Smackdown, but this time was an exception. I am very glad I watched it on Friday, as it was a decent show!

The show opens with Miz hosting his show Miz TV. He brings out his guests, Dolph Zigger and the Big Show. Miz plays a clip from the previous Raw and says there is much to discuss. Big Show gets angry at the fact that they could not help Daniel Bryan on Raw. Dolph Ziggler decides not to speak. Triple H cuts them off, and again explains that the reason Randy Orton is the champion and Daniel Bryan keeps getting humiliated is because it is good for business. Triple H continues his speech saying that it makes them more money when business is good, and that he doesn’t understand why they don’t get that. He claims that Miz misses being in the WWE championship picture so he places him in a non-title match with Randy Orton. Triple H claims Dolph is only mad because The Shield humiliated him on Raw, so he places him in another handicap match vs. The Shield for “revenge”.  Triple H claims that Big Show needs the night off to relax from the tension he showed on Raw so he makes Big Show sit by the announcer table the entire time. To make matters worse, Big Show is forbidden to interrupt anything that goes on during the show.

After the promos are over the first match begins: Randy Orton vs. The Miz

The match is a great one, a back and forth bout. Miz locks in the figure four leg lock to make Randy have a rope break. Randy throws Miz against the ropes and hits the RKO for a pin fall victory. After the match, The Shield comes down and starts beating up the Miz.  Daniel Bryan then runs down the ramp with a steel chair to save the Miz.  Randy and The Shield are forced to retreat. The match was good, and improves the story line in a good way. Daniel Bryan can help his Babyface buddies without the threat of being fired.

Match 2: Rob Van Dam vs. Damien Sandow

This was a quick match and most likely used to fill time. Randy quickly disposes of Damien. After a five-star frog splash, RVD wins a by pin fall.  There really isn’t a story with this one. There has been no history between these two men. Neither Cody Rhodes nor Alberto Del Rio interfered. I just don’t see much of a point in this match.

Match 3: Doplh Ziggler vs. The Shield

This is simply a repeat of The Shield match on Raw. Dolph Ziggler puts up a valiant effort but ultimately ends up getting his butt kicked by The Shield.  After a beautiful spear by Roman Reigns, The Shield wins by pin fall. After the match, they continue to beat up Ziggler and end it with a triple power bomb. This wasn’t a bad match, but it is a repetitive one. I hope more baby faces come out to help The Shield’s next victim, whoever that may be.

 Match 4: The Wyatt Family vs .Tons of Funk

I have a rule when it comes to matches: If Tons of Funk, 3MB or a diva match not including AJ Lee is on, then it is time for a bathroom break or perhaps a quick shower.  I love the concept of The Wyatt Family, but a match with Tons of Funk is a recipe for boredom. The Wyatt Family wins by pin fall, nothing more to say here.

Promo time! Paul Hayman and Curtis Axel come out to discuss their upcoming match against CM Punk on the upcoming PPV Night of Champions.  Paul Hayman says they will own CM Punk at ‘Night of Champions‘, and that he helped Punk win the WWE championship during Punk’s reign as champion. Hayman says he is not sorry for screwing Punk and does not seek forgiveness.  While I love when Paul Hayman cuts promos (the man can do no wrong when he talks), this was just a repeat of everything we saw on Monday. CM Punk didn’t even show up, so what was the point?

Match 5: Daniel Bryan vs. Ryback

This match was great. Daniel Bryan matches are some of the best there is in the WWE. Ryback with his sheer power, throws Bryan around the ring like a ragdoll. Ryback had some good spots and apparently loves to headbutt. The ever resourceful Bryan never gave up, introducing his missile-drop kicks and shin kicks to Ryback’s face.  During the match, Randy Orton came out to distract Daniel Bryan and to get in his head. Big Show cheers Bryan on as Bryan puts Ryback in a Yes! Lock. Orton runs in the ring and breaks up the hold. Bryan wins the match by disqualification.  After the match, The Shield rushes the ring and starts beating up on Bryan while Orton assists him. Big Show, frustrated, slides in the ring to protect Bryan. Triple H comes out and yells at Big Show.  He tells Show to get out of the ring and go backstage, but Big Show leave. Triple H becomes irritated and yells louder. Big Show, almost in tears at this point, slowly gets out of the ring and goes backstage. Triple H nods to Randy Orton and The Shield and they continue their assault on Bryan. After triple power bombing Bryan, Orton grabs a can of black spray paint and paints “NO!” on his chest. Orton stands over Bryan holding the WWE championship belt up as Smackdown goes off the air.

As a huge Daniel Bryan fan, I want to punch Orton in the mouth. However, I’ll admit that this was a good Smackdown. Some irrelevant matches but otherwise it was good for the Bryan/Orton feud.

I give this Smackdown a rating of:  B-

If it wasn’t for the Bryan/Orton and Triple H/Big Show spots, I would have gave this show a C-. The other matches were irrelevant and rushed. Bryan vs. Ryback was by far the best one. Not a horrible Smackdown but not the best either.