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House, M.D: Can I get a little Mariachi in my Love Life?

House, M.D: Can I get a little Mariachi in my Love Life?
  • On February 28, 2011

I always love watching House and the two (sometimes three) separate narratives that take place in the plot. Tonight’s episode was called Recession Proof.

Story (Find Diagnosis) #1  Starts off with a man who cleans up crime scenes. His job involves using harsh chemicals and cleaning up bodily fluids left by the recently dead. Sounds like he can be sick in all sorts of ways. Anyway, he has been lying to his wife for months, leading her to believe that he still owns his own realtor business. He has a rash, some fever and eventually after revealing to his wife the secrets he has been holding back (with a little help from our naive little Masters), House and Co. solve their case. Except it proves to be a little too late and the patient dies. D’oh.

Story #2 Meanwhile, Cuddy is being awarded for her achievements at the hospital and will be attending a gala at the end of the week that she is begging House to attend. House assures her that he has already RSVPed two days ago. Even Wilson tries to get House to crack and admit that he is lying. House secretly plans to hire a mariachi band seemingly to humiliate Cuddy during the gala. When Wilson mentions this to Cuddy, she seems excited and says that she would be all for it because she had tried to hire one in the past but was not allowed to because the board thought it would be too expensive. lol. How ironic.

On the night of the gala, after the death of House’s patient, Wilson asks House how he is holding up to which House responds that he is doing fine. But later (several drinks later) House is alone in a bar. The gala came and went and House is drinking his sorrows away… Wilson arrives to offer some comfort and to take away House’s keys.

House walks to Cuddy’s house and after a gut wrenching admission that he feels that love is making him a terrible doctor, he tells Cuddy that he wouldn’t choose being a good doctor over her. He loves being in love with her and even if more people die,  she is totally worth it. Cuddy seems a bit relieved but at the same time like she’s nervous about the future. In a way it was almost as though House is ready to let himself be happy. Solving the patients ailments was always what drove him, made him tick and kept him going. It seems like he may be ready to have that shift over to Cuddy…. even though he missed the gala (that’s a total screw up). I’ll admit I was super ticked off when I saw House sitting at the bar alone on the night of the gala. I was said to myself, “OMG epic fail.” As if he needs more negative points with Cuddy especially after last episode when Cuddy ALMOST completely broke up with him.

And finally….

Story #3 This story revolves around Masters and Chase after Masters has to pick which doctor she is going to work with on this case. After choosing Chase, he gets annoyed with how naive she is when speaking to the patients. She is always trying to be truthful and honest, two things that if you’ve been watching House for years, realize are two completely overrated traits to have. She has been taking “Baby Steps” to get to this point. Masters is like a Cameron on steroids. Cameron was annoying but at least she got the job done and most of the time her morality could be pushed over. But Masters takes it to a whole new level and I think thats what Chase was so annoyed at.

Eventually it came down to Chase and Masters “insult-off”. Masters states how Chase has no meaningful relationships because he sleeps with different girls every few days. Chase retorts, “At least I have relationships.”

Masters admits to Chase later in the episode that she put off making friends because of her studies and now she doesn’t even know how to get a date for the gala. I think the way she says this is kinda sappy and I don’t buy it for a second. I’m sorry but Masters for me has been the character I can’t stand at all on House. I mean its hard to get used to her, especially after seeing Oliva Wilde’s name still appearing in the credits. I miss 13!  At the end of the episode, its understood that Chase and Masters call a truce. Chase decides to go solo and dismiss his date. He gives Masters a meaningful look. OH GAWD, does she remind him of Cameron??? I hope not because I am not sure how I will receive that.

There was one more minor story in the episode that surrounded Foreman and Taub (Bert and Ernie) but I’m sure we are going to see more of that in the future. And I will leave it at that.