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Can’t Stop The Rock

Can’t Stop The Rock

This was posted on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Facebook account acknowledging any and all rumors that he would return to WWE. On February 14th he did return and for the duration of his promo everything was right in the world and Monday Night RAW was worth something again.

“The Most Electrifying Man” in all of entertainment hit the ramp looking in great shape and made his way to the ring where charisma flew off him like verbal lightning. The Rock thanked his fans for always supporting him and after a brief introduction of himself as host of WrestleMania 27, he gave the current paper tiger champion “The Miz” and the so-called fan favorite John Cena, a long overdue verbal Smack Down. He called out both men by the end of the promo on their half-assed gimmicks and near buried them for the jobber jabronis they truly are.

The Rock’s promo was so good that the next episode of RAW consisted of the announce team trying to build both men back up to save face. John Cena ran a counter promo against The Rock; a promo in which he went back to his wankster roots and tried to rap attack insults, failing miserably which only proved the differences between “The Doctor of Thuganomics” and “The Great One” were as clear as night and day. Cena went up against The Rock and proved what everyone has known for years; his mic skills are lazy, uninspired and about as edgy as an episode of Nick at Night. Cena tried to take the sting out of The Rock’s words by repeating them again, thinking he was taking their power away, but unknowingly reinforcing them. He then went on to trash talk The Rock’s movie career; a movie career that was fueled solely by his own charisma and strength of character.

Every movie under The Rock’s belt may not have been fantastic but he worked with people like John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson. He has hosted SNL and guest starred on sitcoms. Meanwhile Cena’s movies and roles have been packaged and hand-picked for him and have been complete flops, with his biggest highlight being a guest appearance on Psych and Fred: The Movie. Cena is not even close to matching The Rock’s resume. John Cena is forgettable, has pathetic catchphrases and is a worn out wrestling character. Hey Cena! Steve Austin called. He wants his average guy schtick back. Cena is and will only be important because the WWE wants to keep pushing the idea that he is. Dwayne Johnson is The Rock. He got where he is by being himself. He is the complete package. He is authentic.

Whether or not The Rock is truly back for good is yet to be known but one thing is for certain; people will be tuning in to RAW for the sole purpose of seeing him. People just want to know what he has to say, what he will do and they will be talking about it for quite a while.