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Is a smartwatch a good idea for Microsoft?

Is a smartwatch a good idea for Microsoft?
  • On October 20, 2014

Microsoft is planning to release a smartwatch to compete with Google’s Galaxy Gear and Apple’s planned Watch just in time for the holiday season, according to Forbes.The watch will have a battery life of two days and will track a wearer’s heart rate.

Microsoft has been trying to compete with both of these two companies in almost every other market. By releasing its version of the smartwatch before Apple’s Watch, it may have the upper hand when it comes to holiday sales. It’s perfect timing for those looking to buy the latest and greatest technology for themselves or for their techie loved ones.

The idea of a smartwatch started decades ago. Any watch that does more than tell time is, arguably, a smartwatch. Early versions of a smartwatch had compasses or were able to do simple calculations. 

But the smartwatch has evolved and has become so much more. From GPS navigation to syncing with your smartphone to be able to make phone calls, the fancy wristwatch has entered new territory.

Statistic: Wearable device market value from 2010 to 2018 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
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The wearable device market is valued at about $2.5 million and is projected to rise to $12.6 million by 2018. It’s no wonder that it seems like every other week that a huge company is jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon, trying to rally interest in this new wearable technology.


Early science fiction movies, TV shows and books predicated that one day humans would want to communicate and do everything by simply tapping on or speaking into their wrists. And with companies like Google, Apple and now Microsoft catering to those wants, science fiction is quickly becoming a reality.

Based on past device releases, the Microsoft smartwatch could be priced competitively compared to Apple’s Watch, which starts at $350 and could go up to thousands. Google’s watches are usually priced around $200-$300, so it’s highly likely that Microsoft may use that as a gauge for its smartwatch. 

The Forbes report stated that the Microsoft smartwatch would not be tied exclusively to a Windows Phone. This is extremely good news for iOS and Android users who could potentially use the Microsoft smartwatch with the smartphone and OS of their choice. Smart move, Microsoft.

Timing is everything and Microsoft definitely has the chance to land an ideal product in time before a possible wearable device surge. With a watch that is priced lower, compatible to multiple ecosystems and released just in time for the holidays, Microsoft could take the lead in the wearable device market.

  • Britt Nguyen

    I really enjoyed this post! I am in an Information of Technology class and I was reading about the smart watches and smart glasses last week! The articles mainly used Apple companies and Google but do not inform the readers about what Microsoft has planned. It is interesting to see other company perspectives on the latest technology. I like how the price of the smart watches are enlarged. I was waiting for a price and you informed me. Great job, I want to read your last post now about the NFL’s knowledge on tablets. Interesting topics!

    Brittany Nguyen