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Why the Windows Phone 7 team needs to step it up or get left further behind…

Why the Windows Phone 7 team needs to step it up or get left further behind…
  • On March 9, 2011

DISCLAIMER: This is an article about Windows Phone 7. Apple fanboys need not read unless you are seriously interested in Microsoft or WP7

On November 8th 2010, I greedily smashed open the box of my new Samsung Focus and made sure that I did EVERYTHING the QuickStart pamphlet guide inside told me to do like a gooooood little girl. I had been waiting for that day for a long time and I was eager to show off my new phone because I was sure that it was going to kick everyone else’s phone out of the water.

I had heard about all the negativity surrounding the launch but I also read a lot of the reviews from Tech blogs like CNET and Gizmodo and I can say that everyone was pretty impressed with the new WP7 OS.

The only minor criticisms that most blogs had were;

  • no upfront Twitter integration
  • no copy and paste (seriously, even iPhone got that in 09…)
  • little or no available APPS at launch
  • not launching on Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless provider in the US.

The user face was aesthetically beautiful and it was extremely easy to use too. The prices were very fair ( anywhere from $99 to $499-I don’t think anyone paid $499). The Live Tiles were innovative but it was futile if the App didn’t support it. And I think one of the best features for gamers was that it was integrated with X-Box Live. It was so integrated that you could update your avatar directly on your phone! I also especially loved the fact that it was over the cloud, meaning I could have one thing on my phone and set it to update automatically and get it on my PC. It was brilliant!

Well when I got my phone, I was thrilled. I showed it off to everyone. I knew since that it was fairly new, I couldn’t expect a WP7 update so soon.

“These things take time.” “Patience is a virtue” “All good things come to those who wait.”

All these little quotes flooded my head and I let myself forget that Microsoft had a job to do.

Well FLASHFORWARD 4 months later and HEY guess what?

  • There is still NO Twitter integration in the People Hub.
  • There is still a tiny number of Apps.
  • Copy and Paste is still non existent.
  • There was 1 update… 1 ONE. O…N…E… update- Oh and guess what? It turned Samsung phones into bricks. But then Microsoft decides that they are going to re-lease the update and still glitches some of the phones. TOTAL FAIL.

So my Samsung Focus came pre-packed with 8GB of memory which I blasted through very quickly with all the musicĀ  I jammed into it and pictures/videos I shot. So I decided it was time for me to get a micro SD card. LaDIDa. I go the store, pick up a 16GB SD card and read all the instructions on the QuickStart guide again before putting it into my phone. (I had already backed up all my files before hand.) The instructions state that you have to push certain buttons (power, volume down, and the camera button) at the same time so that your phone can reboot, everything gets deleted and your micro SD card become integrated with the phone. AND YOU MUST NEVER PULL IT OUT AGAIN or it would BRICK your phone…

So I do all this right… Well guess what. No dice. It doesn’t even read the card. I go online to check for solutions. Apparently, Microsoft released these phones knowing full and well that some micro SD cards wouldn’t be compatible with their phones. They had to be on the approved list or they could …again… BRICK your phone…

I guess I should have bought a BRICK since that is what I am eventually going to have on my hands.

But I haven’t really completely given up. I still like my phone. I give 2nd chances. Or 3rds or 4ths… That’s not the point!

The point is:

What we need:

  • FRONT FACING CAMERA (a girl can wish)

I honestly think that Microsoft gots something here with their UI. I believe that they can become the mobile OS of choice if they would just get on the ball and stop slacking around. I am not going to wait another 4 months for an update that MAY brick my phone. I’d also like to see Microsoft try to bait in new developers to create Apps for the Marketplace because that place is barren compared to Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Is there anything that you would like to see Microsoft add in their next update? Or any rants about WP7?

  • Elliott Lee

    hi i ran into this article through google lol, have you seen the future updates for wp7, the multitasking is gonna be pretty slick, and the latest NoDo update gives the users copy and paste, with a few other improvements, and the market place for wp7 has about 10,000+ apps right now i think, Im mostly wating for the second update though, it doesnt come out until late ’11 unfortunately.

    • Cephira

      yah you are right about the next update coming out later this year… I heard recently that Windows Marketplace reached 10,000 apps quicker than even the App Store which is very impressive tbh… I am very excited about the upcoming updates for wp7

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