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Microsoft introduces us to Surface, a revolutionary tablet & PC combo

Microsoft introduces us to Surface, a revolutionary tablet  & PC combo
  • On June 18, 2012

Today in Los Angeles, Microsoft unveiled their latest gem- an innovative new addition to their growing Windows-based family. They are calling the new device the Microsoft Surface. But what exactly is the Microsoft Surface? Is it a PC? Is it a tablet? We think it’s both. Here’s why.

The event started with Steve Ballmer talking about the importance of software and hardware working together. “People want to be mobile, without compromising the productivity PCs are known for,” Steve Ballmer said right before introducing the Surface. “This is the new Microsoft Surface — a Tablet”.

The main key point that Microsoft repeated over and over in today’s event was how Surface was innovative and different than other tablets. Upon introducing Surface, the introduction of the Touch Cover and Type Cover immediately followed. Both are covers for the Surface with a built in keyboard. Touch Cover and Type are are both flat keyboards that are made to sense the tiniest movement of your fingers and practically know which keys you are going to press. But the fact that they are built specifically for the Surface and are made for Windows, gives us a glimpse into how Microsoft plans to integrate and blend software and hardware.

The Microsoft Surface will be available in two different versions. The first version will run Windows RT and is the lower end of the two. That is not saying much as both models are pretty outstanding and similar in appearance with the exception of storage space, size and weight. Not to mention the higher end model, Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro, has Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips inside and runs Windows 8.

Both models share the same screen size at 10.6″ ClearType Full HD Display and both come with a built-in kick stand and can be used with Touch Cover and Type Cover. The Intel version will feature a resolution of 1080p, with some even going as far as saying it is comparable to Apple’s Retina Display.That’s a topic for a different day.


Although not exactly built by Microsoft, Microsoft is putting their name on it and claiming it as their own product. Bold move.

Microsoft only whet out appetites in introducing us to the Surface but they did little to seal the deal. No mention of pricing other than it being “comparable to tablets and ultrabooks”. Also Microsoft did not give us an definite release date, only stating that it would come later this year for the Windows RT version and 90 days later for the Pro version. However, we don’t think this is the end of Microsoft announcements. In fact, we think that the introduction of Xbox SmartGlass was only the beginning of Microsoft’s big announcements and more are soon to follow. At E3 we got Smartglass. Today it was Surface. Wednesday, Microsoft plans on announcing something big about Windows Phone and we are looking forward to it. Maybe once that is over, we can finally understand what Microsoft means when they say they plan to combine all platforms with hardware and software integration.

Do you plan on purchasing Surface? Give us your opinions on Windows-based devices below.

See full specs for both Surface versions below: