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Is your browser slow? This might be why…

Is your browser slow? This might be why…
  • On April 5, 2011

With the introduction of the newest and meant to be faster Firefox 4, Mozilla is trying everything to make sure it doesn’t fail. I’ve heard both good and bad things about it, but in my opinion I have nothing but favorable things to say about the latest browser.

In response to some complaints that Firefox 4 is slower than other browsers, Mozilla has put out a report of the top 10 Add-ons that could be slowing it down. I’ve got the list for you here in ranked in order from one through ten by how long they slow down your browser.

Rank #1 FoxLingo – Translator/Dictionary = 74% slower

Rank #2 Firebug- 74% slower

Rank #3 Aniweather 54% slower

Rank #4 FlashGot 50% slower

Rank #5 FoxClocks 46% slower

Rank #6 Foxy Tunes 44% slower

Rank #7 Video DownloadHelper 33% slower

Rank #8 FastestFox- Browse Faster 33% slower

Rank #9 Xmarks Sync 30% slower

Rank #10 SimilarWeb -Find the best sites on the internet 23% slower

If you have any of these add-ons, I’d suggest disabling or deleting them until the developers update their performance.


  • Elvia Francis

    This explains a lot!
    Thank you for this post :)