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Spider Man

My evolving relationship with Television and why I will never leave it

September 24, 2011 |

For me, Television has always been more than a box with lights and sounds coming out of it. I’m sure that that’s true for a lot of people; however I feel that I have always had a deeper admiration for television than others.  Well…it’s not so much the actual TV that makes me weak in the knees but more like what’s on its screen and the stories it brings into my life every day. Read More

The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer officially released!

July 20, 2011 |

Here it is folks! The moment we have been anticipating. It has only been a few hours since the shaky bootlegged version of the Amazing Spider-Man trailer at Comic Con hit the web (!). Read More

The Amazing Spider Man

April 12, 2011 |

Due out in the summer of 2012, the Spider-Man series will be rebooted. Featuring a new cast and a new director, this incarnation is hoping to be truer to the Spidey series. In addition to setting an atmosphere similar to the rebooted Batman series, this movie will be based around the Ultimate Spider Man series. Read More