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Source Code – Review

April 5, 2011 | 1

First off, let me just say one thing. If you haven’t seen Moon, stop right now, get on Netflix and watch it. It will blow your mind and it will give you a better understanding of where Director Duncan Jones is coming from. Having not known anything about the movie (I hadn’t even seen a trailer for it,) I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. So go watch it. Read More

Battle: Los Angeles – Review

March 23, 2011 |

I wiggled myself in between two tall hairy guys with glasses at the long line for the midnight showing of Battle: Los Angeles Thursday night. I was the only other girl in line apart from the scary looking girl at the front who looked pissed off at her boyfriend who had decided to arrive 1 hour early. It had been awhile since I had decided to come to a midnight showing of a movie. The last two movies I had watched at midnight were a bust. One was ruined by a noisy crowd and a thunderstorm outside the theater causing the lights to go on and off. The movie? The Dark Knight. Read More