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The Future of Music

The Future of Music

I was on a flight to Chicago, listening to music to try to pass the time this morning and I had an epiphany – the future of music lies undoubtedly in the past.  With the advent of electronic revolutions and dub-step, trip-hop, hardcore, metal madness, sub-genre classifications that simply boggle the mind, one would assume that the claim that nothing new is under the sun is a dated response to applied originality.  However, no matter how hard we try (or don’t try, as it may sound sometimes – looking at you, noise rockers), all music has a foundation and that foundation is in the works of our musical forefathers.

As a musician, I can honestly speak from experience and frustration on this subject.  I have played drums for the better part of two decades, guitar for a spell, bass, piano, trumpet (the list goes on), and occupy my creative needs as a songwriter and have most certainly concluded that all of my ideas have already been done in one way or another.  For the first few years of my musical career, I denied this harsh reality and looked for the most outlandish projects to prove my plight.  This was only to grow older, experience life, touring, countless shows to finally understand the extreme naivety of my former perception.  Punk has its roots in polka, Metal has its roots in classical music, Rock n Roll is the blues, which was, in origin, old slave songs, so on and so forth.

There are some neo-pioneers who simply embrace the old and create their “new” with the tenants and cornerstones of their inspirations.  The key players in this throwback movement tend to be indie artists who donned acoustic guitars, banjos, harmonicas, Rhodes pianos, Hammond organs, hurdy gurdy, and whatever the hell else they could get the unconventional and obscure little hands on.  Others just make it a point to make the listener feel like they put a time traveling disc into their car or computer, hit 88 mph and traveled back in time to an era of better music with their neo-soul, neo-folk, neo-late-70’s balls out guitar rock and fuck modern convention attitude.

Now, I’m not trying to burst any wishfully creative bubbles or thwart future inspirations for the musicians of tomorrow, but to help carry myself and my fellow artists into the depths and front lines of a world that needs our gifts and ideas to propel their mix tapes, hard times, precious moments, heartbreak, love making, baby making, car rides and workout sessions.  The sooner we are able to transcend our frustration and apply it to a bad-ass riff or a sick drum solo, the sooner we will be on our way to making sweet, beautiful music and all in all enjoying life.

Keep posted to find out updates on the modern phenomenon that is music as I review new music, old music, music that you could hardly call music, bands, shows, albums, concept albums…you get the point.  Until next time.  -burroborrachorecords