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Super Smash Bros: New fighters revealed!

Super Smash Bros: New fighters revealed!
  • On July 14, 2014

Last night, Nintendo teased a new Super Smash Bros. reveal and, reveal they did! Three fighters were announced as well as a personal Final Smash assistant, complete with the always stylish announcement trailer we have grown to love with our ever-increasing cast of comical mischief makers. While I’m fairly certain I heard a collective global sigh of relief when fan-favorite veteran Captain Falcon was announced, the real shocker came from the announcement of two new Fire Emblem: Awakening combatants, Robin and Lucina.

The surprise doesn’t come from the growing representation of the series; given the massive global sales of their newest 3DS iteration it seems like a no-brainer. Rather the surprise comes from who they chose to represent the franchise! A leaker sent Gematsu an extremely accurate description hours before the official Nintendo Direct for E3 2013, which detailed the reveal of Wii Fit Trainer, Villager, Mega Man, and Pac-Man boldabol much to the surprise of even Getmasu who had previously stated to take the leak with a “grain of salt. However, he also predicted Shulk, Palutena, Chrom, Chorus Men, and Pokemon from X and Y. Palutena was annouced, but many of these leaked players are yet to be seen. With Chrom promifen debunked, could this leaker be less credible than he’s previously proven himself to be? What are your opinions of these new playable characters?


Edit: Do you think Robin has an MP meter? He comments on how he can only use his magic so many times. Taunt? Gameplay mechanic? Speculate in the comments.

Edit Edit?: Robin will use up his Tomes. Thus temporarily (or permanently for the battle?) rendering them useless.

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    First! Hey I know the guy who wrote this. :P

    We all want Isaac