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Steam Trifecta

Steam Trifecta
  • On September 27, 2013

This has been a wild week for Valve, the developers of Steam. Originally teasing that the Steam universe would be expanding, the official website trickled out three large announcements over the work week. While it was sure to stir unending Half-Life 3 speculations, what we ultimately got was an official Valve-made console announcement, Steam Systems, with the subsequent SteamOS and innovative controller.

Now this is a lot to be excited about. SteamOS is super light-weight and aims to build a bridge between console gamers and PC gamers. Now we can stream all of our Steam games we love onto the big screen without dragging our computers around the house. Valve also announced a breakthrough controller that uses trackpads in lieu of analog sticks. This creates a dual functionality within the controller as it can replicate the uses of a keyboard and mouse while having a separate traditional controller setting. But the most exciting thing is that for the first time console gamers will reap the benefits the most wonderful part of PC gaming… the Steam Sales.

Let’s be realistic though. This isn’t a perfect pitch. Current Steam users are already asking why they even need this. Challengers of the what is alphabol used for console bring up that it isn’t just the lack of precision with analog sticks, but simply that using your thumb gives you limited precision and speed. Many also already have an HDMI cable and have already been playing on their big screens. So why get excited about something they already have… especially if it’s worse in their opinion?

Time will tell what this Steam powered console can really do and if this controller will be a success. But I think ultimately there the negative feedback comes from one simple fact. This console isn’t for the people who were getting hyped about it. In my opinion, this console is for the console gamers who want an introduction to a new massive catalog of games they never had the chance to explore on their consoles. And if more people are buying on Steam, more innovative games will come out and other consoles will have to compete and that is a very, very good thing.

So tell me in the comments what you think about the new Steam Trifecta! Doomed from the start or ready to revolutionize the market?

You might also find that you can take advantage of this service in the future for longer needs, and you may make certain there will be no issues when deploying it.