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Half-Life 3 Comment Withdrawn

Half-Life 3 Comment Withdrawn
  • On August 19, 2013

The Half-Life 2 voice actor, John Patrick Lowrie, has withdrawn his comments debunking the Half-Life 3 rumors. After the issue bubbled over in online outrage, Lowrie attempted damage control by saying, “The most important thing to know about voice actors is that we’re the last to know anything.” Having previously stated that the game was not in development because of mo-capping issues, Lowrie explained, “What I was trying to say before (and failed) is that whatever Gabe Newell has to say about a project is the best info you’re going to get. He owns the company sustanon 275
and knows what’s going on.”

So what this means exactly is still unclear. Did they withdraw the statement because the game is actually in production? Did he feel unsure and it simply blew out of proportion? Or is Valve as twisted as they seem and enjoy watching us writhe in suspense? With the last episode of the saga releasing almost 7 years ago, Half-Life 3 has been propelled to meme status by its humongous online following. Honestly, it seems like they want to keep it open-ended so their announcement can make the biggest splash possible. Tell why you think he gobbled his words back up in the comments!

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