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DEBATE: Will The Last Guardian show at E3 2013?

There has been much speculation about the release date (or lack thereof) for Team Ico’s The Last Guardian. The game has been floating around hint by hint since as early as 2008. In 2009, a trailer was leaked (above) that showed what the game would look like when it would be released on PlayStation 3. Since then, and after several release date updates, the game has yet to surface. Now, with the near release of PlayStation 4, many Ico and Shadow of The Colossus mega fans have predicted that the game may show at E3 this year. Others affirm that no such thing will happen. Our gaming experts, Dionicios and Trey, assess the facts and rumors.

Trey Says:

You don’t often hear the word “art” thrown around in the world of video games but when it comes to Team Ico and their critically acclaimed creations, that is exactly what you get. Sprawling landscapes, ingenious artistic decisions, innovative gameplay, and an increasingly dark and foreboding tone sets the pace for Team Ico’s previous games. So what can be expected from the Shadow of the Colossus‘ successor (or predecessor? Or spiritual-successor? Or bald lion-eagle taming guide?) Expect a no-show. Kotaku has already reported that a Sony spokesperson has debunked any E3 announcement rumors as “not true” and “pure speculation” and while optimists think that this is Sony’s E3 attempt to catch us with our knickers down,  I’m willing to bet the first round of post-E3 beers that they are quelling the excitement so the no-show doesn’t come as a “low-blow” to us eager fans. So I’ll end with a quote from the other infamously late party attendant Duke Nukem that I’m sure we are all thinking, “What the *bleep* is goin’ on here?”

Dionicios Says:

Ico is rewarding to those with a familiarity and appreciation for game composition. That’s no accident. However, Fumtio Ueda’s team wasn’t able to realize their vision for Ico on the PlayStation as originally planned. They had to halt development after two years and developed the game on PlayStation 2 instead. It took them another two years to complete it. Shadow of the Colossus, widely regarded by many as the validation for video games being art, pushed the limits of the PlayStation 2 hardware. In fact, many view its low frame rate as its only imperfection. I can only imagine that Team Ico’s next game is equally ambitious. But, there is no f****** way that they have been developing The Last Guardian for the entire life cycle of the PS3, only to come up empty-handed. It will be shown at E3 this year, without a doubt.  I mean, we already know how it’s going to end. Spoilers.

So there you have it. Both sides of the debate have given compelling evidence to support their conclusions. We all WANT The Last Guardian to show at E3, hell we all want to play it, but whether it will show at E3 or not, is not something that we can ultimately decide. What do you think? Is Dionicios right or has Trey won you over?