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Activision’s Call of Duty introduces Female Soldier, Misogynists have Field Day

  • On August 16, 2013

Earlier this week the Call of Duty franchise revamped their multiplayer gameplay. One of the biggest and most controversial changes was the addition of a female playable character. Although the main consensus was that it was too little too late, others were excited about the big step forward for Activision, stating that it was about time that the entertainment software company joined the gender equality ranks of games such as Halo and Battlefield. Others still remained skeptical, not about any of the gameplay or the new multiplayer system, but instead they had blatant misogynistic points of view that would make any Texas legislator proud. Below are a few examples of many of the comments we found during our sweep of the interwebs (not all misogynists):

Although I’ll admit, that upon researching the comments for several news articles and blogs, I found that most of the comments were not all written by a sexist pompous. In fact, a lot of the disappointment (and there is a lot) about the new Call of Duty had nothing to do with the addition of the female soldier. Many gamers are not happy with the newly implemented squad mode or the fact that the graphics are “not Next-Gen enough”. Regardless, fans of the franchise as well as some casual gamers like myself, will most definitely pick this title up simply because it’s a Call of Duty game.

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  • Ricky Gonzalez

    I initially blew this game off in favor of the next Battlefield, but I have to admit the character customization has me intrigued.

    • Michelle Iracheta

      I have never played Battlefield but I’d like to so that I can compare it
      to this game. I also never get the most out of these types of games
      because I hate the multiplayer portion… which is essentially the whole
      point of playing these types of games.

  • merri

    Well, that last paragraph surely deflates the headline quite a bit. I can see why which is where.