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Best Sci- Fi Series: The X-Files (part 1)

Best Sci- Fi Series: The X-Files (part 1)
  • On May 10, 2013

Choosing a TV series for Best Sci-Fi is like dividing by zero; it’s not possible and clearly undefined! Here at Tronnic, undaunted by such a challenge, we are optimistic about revealing our choice (or choices) for Best Sci-Fi series.  After much analysis and loads of TV watching, we’ve settled on one show: The X-Files. The series, which debuted on Fox in 1993, starred David Duchovny (Californication) as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. The show gave us an insight into the conspiracy ridden lives of two FBI agents, one a paranormal expert with a haunting past and the other, a medical doctor put on assignment to “debunk” her partner. Both are brilliant detectives and have a keen eye for detail.

Partnered together for seven seasons, Mulder and Scully go though everything, from alien abductions, secret government cover ups, crazy paranormal legends and even some “normal” stuff like parenting. Although the series lasts for nine seasons, David Duchovny is lead actor through the first seven seasons and only comes back in small roles for the last two seasons. Regardless, it feels as if David Duchovny is there in spirit because the story in The X-Files after season 7 revolves around finding him. The main story arc of The X-Files is the mythological extraterrestrial/conspiracy episodes which tell the chronicle of Mulder’s history and much of what’s in the world’s future. These episodes, which are bold and story intense, are spaced out around the “monster of the week” episodes, which are more light weight episodes about scary monsters intended for more casual audiences. In other words, the “monster of the week” episodes don’t need to be viewed in chronological order and can serve as scary viewing for many years to come.

Nominated for 62 Emmy Awards, The X-Files became an instant cult classic during its time on the air. The series also won 5 Golden Globe Awards. The X-Files had much success on television as well as in other media including books, comic books, video games and movies. The series broke out with The X-Files first feature film in 1998 called Fight The Future, a second feature film in 2004 (just 2 years after the series’ end) and there are rumors about a possible third film (#XF3). A television spin-off of The X-Files about three of the characters from the series, The Lone Gunmen, was also introduced. The X-Files ended in 2002 with two episodes that explained all 9 years of The X-Files mythology.  The entire series of The X-Files can be viewed on Netflix. If you want the 9 season box set, you can buy that from any large retail store or even online. Be sure to watch this ’90s classic and remember: The Truth is Out There.