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BBC Teases us with the Sherlock Series 3 Trailer

  • On August 3, 2013

The BBC’s Sherlock is almost here and the teaser trailer gives us every reason to want it back so much sooner! At the end of the last series, we were left with Sherlock faking his death in “The Reichenbach Falls” while an unaware John Watson watched in horror. It’s assumed that Sherlock was able to accomplish this with the help of his admirer, Molly Hooper. Yet there is some speculation about that. Regardless, the fake suicide has been kept very secret but now, with the coming of series 3, it will all finally be explained to us!

The trailer is only twenty-six seconds long but in those twenty-six seconds we get to see our favorite characters again; Mrs Hudson, Molly, Watson and yes even Mycroft. And what’s this? Watson has a mustache? This is the greatest day ever. I can’t wait to hear Sherlock’s remarks on that. The trailer ends with, “Sherlock, to be continued on BBC One” yet no air date has been given.