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Plex is coming to Xbox and here’s what you need to know!

Plex is coming to Xbox and here’s what you need to know!
  • On October 6, 2014

Plex announced this weekend that its streaming services will make their way to Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox 360. The software will be compatible with Xbox One’s voice command and hand gestures making use incredibly easy, according to the Plex blog.

Plex is a media player that organizes all your videos, photos, music, TV and movie collection and synchronizes them across multiple devices. Users can stream their digital libraries on their tablets, laptops, TVs and mobile phones.

plex on xbox one

Plex remembers where you left off and makes it easy for you to go back to watching your favorite shows. The software adds descriptions to your media library, allows for instant streaming, grants access to movie trailers and exclusive interviews, gives users the ability to create playlists and the option to share everything with your family and friends. It does this all for about five bucks a month, $40 a year or $150 for a lifetime subscription. 

The service is already available on Apple, Google and Microsoft’s operating system, but the move to Xbox One and Xbox 360 is huge. Microsoft toted Xbox One as the device that would replace all other devices in your living room. Upon releasing Xbox One, Microsoft said it would be the hub of your living room, yet the the console did not live up to the hype. Microsoft may have had the right idea; an all-in-one living room device sounds great for people who love to stream from their TVs, but the concept didn’t sit well with those who simply wanted a next-gen video game console, which the Xbox turned out not to be.

With Plex, Microsoft may be one step closer to reaching that once unattainable goal. Plex brings all your media together effortlessly, so it’s easy to see why Microsoft would jump on this software. Microsoft has been looking for a way to replace the cable box. With Plex, it might finally be on the right track. It’s not a direct replacement for your cable company, but Plex might be the future to how people watch TV.

Plex comes to Xbox One on Oct. 7 and to Xbox 360 shortly after.