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Microsoft Band is just what we needed

Microsoft Band is just what we needed
  • On November 3, 2014

So it’s not exactly the science fiction do-it-all device we were hoping it would be, but Microsoft’s new wearable device, Microsoft Band, is pretty darn close. It’s spiffy, too.

Experts are giving it rave reviews and touting it as the next best thing in the wearable device market. And it certainly does seem like it with a starting price of just $199. That beats out Apple Watch by a whole $150.

If looks could kill, this smartwatch would bring you back to life because it’s undeniably aesthetically pleasing to the eye.



Powered by Microsoft Health, Microsoft Band comes with an array of features. Microsoft Health monitors and tracks a users’ lifestyle through the devices and apps that he or she uses. Specific apps have teamed up with Microsoft Health to provide information about users’ overall fitness.

By doing this, Microsoft Health can provide users with personalized fitness information based on activity tracking, such as sleep tracking and heart rate tracking, no matter which device they are using.

It’s one step closer to science fiction reality. Microsoft Health, together with a snappy wristwatch and Cortana, is almost the artificial intelligence that we long for. But not quite.

Microsoft Health


But the device isn’t just about fitness tracking. Microsoft Band also allows users to read emails and set calendar reminds, both of which are then viewable on users’ PC, laptop or tablet. It syncs across all devices through cloud computing. It’s almost seamless.

The device has got everything that a user can ask for in a smartwatch and it’s compatible with Android and iOS. The only downside might be that it has more features – namely Cortana and all the smartphone features- if it’s paired with Microsoft Lumia, previously Windows Phone. However, if one isn’t interested in replacing their smartphone, the Microsoft Band makes an excellent companion piece.

Even though the device doesn’t shoot lasers or transport you back in time, it’s still got some pretty cool features that make us excited for how well it might do against its competitor, Apple Watch.

Will you be buying a smartwatch this holiday season?