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Flash-Sale Site for French Dating:

Flash-Sale Site for French Dating:
  • On March 25, 2011

There are plenty of deal-a-day websites available in this Internet age, ranging from Groupon to LivingSocial.

But, a new flash-sale site for “dating” might be taking it too far…eDealDuJour is a French dating website co-founded by Laurent Ouaki and Krystal Leurquin in early February 2011. Their slogan is “chaque jour, une nouvelle chance de rencontrer l’amour / every day, a new chance to meet love.”

The website highlights a different single man each day, giving interested women a limited time to respond. The idea is a riff on the 1999 movie “The Bachelor,” with Chris O’Donnell, where a young New York billionaire decides to buy the front page of the newspaper in order to create a singles ad to help him find his future wife.

According to SBP (a company, founded in 2000, that specializes in the delegation of staff and assists companies), the eDealDuJour logo/symbol–a purple plum–was chosen for the website because the plum tree usually announces the season of Spring and therefore the “new delivery of cool products.”

Single men interested in being featured on eDealDuJour submit their photos, a biography, and a statement of what they’re looking for in a partner. They are featured on the website along with their basic information and a video. There is also a ticking, red timer indicating (countdown of days/hours/minutes/seconds) to interested parties how long they have to make a move before the “eDeal” expires. And, of course, (like any flash-sale site) there’s “advertisements” of upcoming “deals” if the day’s pick doesn’t entice you.

Unlike the other flash-sale websites, you can’t buy the guys outright, but you do get free access to view each of their video interviews and profiles.

Using eDealduJour is completely free for both featured men and women who want to get in contact with them; fees are charged only for access to archived and upcoming profiles.

A female-centric companion site is reportedly being developed and will be available some time in April.

Initially, I had read about eDealDuJour in Glamour Magazine‘s “Sex, Love, & Life” segment… then later, an article on SpringWise (an Amsterdam-based independent innovation firm that scans the globe for the most promising new business ideas) was found.

So what are your thoughts on eDealDuJour and the methodology of “dating” flash-sale sites? Is this fun or dangerous? Do you really believe you can find your ideal partner via the Internet? And is it worth it for the guys that are featured on eDealDuJour?

Just some questions buzzing in my head.

I wonder if there will a homosexual-friendly eDealDuJour-esque website available soon, if it isn’t already.

Questions, comments, and thoughts/opinions are more than welcome!

  • Michelle Iracheta

    Wow… Just when you think you’ve seen everything a speed dating man deal of the day site pops up. What will they think of next? Actually I think this is great! But I think it takes the substance out of them… I mean how can you tell if you wanna spend the rest of your life with a man by a bio and a pic?? I dunno. I’m just sayin… lol

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