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Source Code – Review

Source Code – Review
  • On April 5, 2011

First off, let me just say one thing. If you haven’t seen Moon, stop right now, get on Netflix and watch it. It will blow your mind and it will give you a better understanding of where Director Duncan Jones is coming from. Having not known anything about the movie (I hadn’t even seen a trailer for it,) I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. So go watch it.

Anyway, Source Code will have you on the edge of your seat. It is literally a mind-fuck; For you, for the guy in the movie, for the guy sitting next to you in the theater. This movie will have you asking questions before, during and after. I really enjoyed this movie, not because Jake Gyllenhaal is a hottie, no, but because this movie had substance.It is one of the better films I have seen this year and will most likely be highly talked about… one of those word-of-mouth type things. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good.

Source Code starts off with Colter Stevens, Jake Gyllenhaal, as he wakes up on a train ride to work sitting next to a beautiful women and inside the body of another man. The women named Christina, Michelle Monaghan, charmingly talks to Stevens, believing that he is another man. Stevens, not realizing that he is another man’s body, is confused, disoriented and utterly disappointed that he is not with his platoon in Afghanistan where he was supposed to be flying a helicopter. This is how it starts, with Stevens tripping over people, being rude to passengers, and ultimately discovering who he is not in the bathroom mirror. After 8 minutes of complete chaos, Stevens is blown to smithereens and ejected back to “reality” where he awakens in a dark room, alone staring at a monitor with the image of a woman projected on it.

The woman who goes by Goodwin,Vera Farmiga, tells Stevens that he is on a mission to help save many lives. He has to find a bomb on the train that he is on- in the other man’s body- through something called the Source Code. She and her boss Dr. Rutledge , Jeffrey Wright, explain to him that the Source Code lets Stevens enter the body of another man’s in his last 8 minutes of memory before he dies.  They explain that these last 8 minutes of this other man’s life are crucial in determining who planted the bomb that ultimately destroys the train and kills hundreds of passengers on board. She doesn’t given him much more details and he spends like 75% of the movie confused about why he is on this top secret mission and not in Afghanistan.

About 25 minutes into the movie, we soon learn that his mission, or saving the lives of all the people, isn’t the main focus of the movie. We are meant to be more concerned about finding out who Colter Stevens really is and eventually why he is where he is. Our focus shifts but we discover that in order to find out who he is, he has to finish the mission he is on. And thus, chaos and drama ensues.

I won’t give away a lot of details or ruin the ending (very good ending) but I will say this; maybe I have become desensitized when it comes to surprises or “whodunits”, but I figured out who the bomber was in the first few flashes for lack of a better word.There are a lot of little details that you notice at the beginning and I immediately felt like I was going to have to notice them all but the movie makes it easy for you to follow. Yes this is a smart sci-fi but it doesn’t throw you through many loops with a lack of reward. This movie pays off and you feel closure at the end. It may or not be the best closure, but it is what it is.

I have to honestly say that I loved Source Code.  There were some parts in the movie that I felt like I wasn’t sure where I should focus my attention to or better yet, I felt like the character should be more focused on one thing rather than another and it really frustrated me. But eventually I just went with it and it worked. I wasn’t excited about seeing this movie in the first place but after seeing who the director was, my interests were piqued and I’m glad I watched it.  As I mentioned before this is by far one of the better movies of the year so far and I will eagerly await any new Duncan Jones projects with anticipation aplenty. Go see this movie at a theater. Explosions galore await you.



  • Elvia Francis

    Omg, I just now saw your review… no idea how that happened.

    I have yet to see Moon… it is on our Netflix DVD Queue!

    I saw Source Code with Marc-Antony at the Edwards on the Katy Frwy. It was really mind-blowing! The end was amazing! After watching the film, I was in better spirits (skipping–literally–along the parking lot late in the evening) and I had a new-found appreciation for life… I only wish I felt that way more often.

    Source Code is a definite must-see!