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Meet Dionicios

DioniciosWelcome to my presence fellow geeks, l33ts and liberal art majors! Ricardo Dionicios Gonzalez here to serve your needs in all things gaming. I do believe introductions are in order. I’ll go first…

I come to you humbly from my small house in Houston. That is where I sit in front of the TV that is entirely too big for my room and play hours and hours of games not just for enjoyment, but so that I may write entertaining articles for you to criticize mercilessly and relentlessly. I’m no fan-boy for any particular console and I consider all gaming good for the artistic medium. Except Facebook games. (let the flaming begin!)

I cut my teeth on the Atari 2600 and retro gaming holds a dear place in my heart. I’ve survived the console wars in the 16-bit era, I’ve worn out N64 analog sticks and I’ve been through 4 red rings of death. I cried when Aerith died and was speechless when I found out Samus was a woman. These days Minecraft on my PC, go on Journeys on PS3, throw sticky grenades on Xbox360, and cure boredom with my iPhone. Man I wish that thing had buttons. Right? Other than gaming, I love drooling over the latest gadgets, watching geeked-out TV and movies (Wars and Trek), playing music, and *gasp!* occasionally watching sports. Oh, and I’m never sarcastic. Not even a little.

So, in summation; do a barrel roll, hail to the king, snake! snaaaakkkkkkeeee!!!, and the cake is a lie.