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Spring Time Fashion is almost here and ShoeDazzle saves the day!

Spring Time Fashion is almost here and ShoeDazzle saves the day!
  • On March 1, 2011

I was completely ecstatic this morning when I realized that it was March 1st.  For me that meant that Spring Time is almost here. Can you say open-toe shoes and floral skirts and its time to shave my legs?!  Wooooot! So not only do I have that excitement, but then I open my GMAIL account (I was fortunate enough to not have mine deleted- THANK YOU BABY JEEBUS) and lo and behold, another reason to be happy that Spring Time is fast approaching! Now I have been a member of ShoeDazzle for awhile now and was skeptical when they first started promoting it on Facebook. Seriously, a group of stylists are going to recommend  shoes to me that I should wear based on my preferences and taste? Come ON… You have to pay for that kind of thing!

And actually with ShoeDazzle, you do pay. To become a member of the ShoeDazzle website and to have shoes sent to your home every month, you have to pay $39.95. Of course that is only if you buy a pair of shoes. Your credit card has to be input in their system and they will bill you every month unless of course you opt-out of the service for the month. But you can still oggle the eye candy on their website!

The last 4 months, “my own personal stylists” were wrong about the shoes I should wear every time… Every time I opened my “Showroom”, I was disgusted with their taste in shoes.I would opt-out for the month immediately without Requesting “Alternatives”.

That’s why I was super excited when I opened my Email today. I actually like every single shoe they are telling me I should wear! I think that’s super fantastic. I might just buy a pair… or two.. or three. Hell I will buy them all. As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Shoes for everyone!”

So if you’re thinking about having a personal stylist show you shoes that you might like based on your preferences or taste, head on over to ShoeDazzle. Check them out and give them a try. You can opt-out every month if you don’t like what you see.

  • Elvia Francis

    I actually never heard of Shoe Dazzle before you, but it was interesting nonetheless to know about the site! Actually, there’s this other site… can’t remember the name right now, but it’s a similar concept as “Shoe Dazzle” but with clothes. Various stylists basically tell you what clothes to get based on your personal style, size/body shape, and budget – it’s FREE!

    I signed up for it, just to see what if it’s worth the hype – of course, I sign up for a lot of fashion-related media/newsletters so it was another thing to add to my “junky account” (in a sense). I don’t really read the newsletters/emails often, since I’d rather read more important emails and other newsletters I sign up for that are far more interesting/relevant.

    It’s great to get more info about Shoe Dazzle!

    By the way, I only like the “Anastasia” shoe from the above selections, just my opinion though. I’m not really a shoe-aholic, and I’m terribly picky about everything/everyone in my life! I only own a few pair of shoes, and it has to be something I’ll definitely wear often (cute – definitely, and comfortable – if possible). And if I can get a bargain for a great shoe, it makes me a lot happier! Like I got these (what I call “the most comfortable flats ever”) black Nine West flats from DSW for a bargain of $38, compared to original price of $58+.

    I’ll definitely give Shoe Dazzle a try.
    Are you on It’s like a luxury, sample sale website where you get luxe goods for 50-75% off the original price! I’ve gotten 2 pair of earrings (Noir Jewelry & Elizabeth Cole Jewelry), and a Neil George intensive repair hair mask from there… I would buy clothes on, but I don’t think I want to spend a lot of $$ on designer clothes when I already work at BCBG Max Azria and can get BCBG designed clothes for a great discount already.

    If you’re not on, here’s an invitation (it’s invite-only):

  • Michelle

    Yes I still need to sign up for I actually found ShoeDazzle through Facebook and at the time Kim Kardashian was promoting it too. Yah I know not a lot of folks like her but I found the shoes to be worth it. Most of them had the look of real designer styles, but they were WAAAY less expensive. Most of the shoes that were in my showroom were really slutty at first and then I guess it took awhile but now the shoes that I am getting in my showroom, I actually like. I LOVE shoes.

    • Elvia Francis

      Ick! I loathe the Kardashians… I prefer the Olsens!
      I deactivated my FB, but I’m hoping to reactivate it once I get my priorities together and MOCK Mag finished completely! FB is too distracting for me otherwise… much like the Internet sometimes.

      Question – how much were those fabulous flats I saw you wearing when we met up near the museum district for the classmate profile? I’ve been wanting to know this since I first spotted them!

      I started getting Shoe Dazzle newsletters, but I haven’t checked them out yet. I’m rarely on the computers at my house because my mom or my younger brothers are usually on it, so when I check email on my iPhone I don’t like to waste time with too many newsletters and junk I think is “great to sign up for” but I don’t read it unless I’m in the mood for it.

      I’m going to read the Shoe Dazzle newsletters soon though, since I’m on an actual computer vs iPhone Internet now.

      • Cephira

        The shoes were $39.95 on ShoeDazzle. :) Very comfortable too !